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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zero Health Still Problematic

I don't know why I continue to play this game. I equate it to that show a few years back called LOST.  Did you see that show?  You know the part where someone has to keep pushing a button every 108 minutes or the world might end...only they don't really know WHAT happens IF they don't push the button?  They just keep pushing it out of habit.

That's like me and this stupid game.  My health drops to zero within thirty seconds of playing, which means I can't really go around battling other ships.  All I can do is attempt quests until my turns run out and collect my gold/gems from the shops I've "bought" on different islands.

And yet I continue to play. Oh, and if I had a dollar for every time I was about to collect my big GEM prize for checking in for five days in a row only to see the dreaded SERVER CAN'T BE REACHED error code (which also means the next time I log in to play, I've been booted back out to start the 5 consecutive day "collect your gems" quest) I'd be a gozillionaire.

Disney...are you paying attention?